No Mas! Tequila Room rehearsal dinner event venue

7 Steps to a Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Lose the stress about planning your rehearsal dinner – we are here to help! Contact for your rehearsal dinner planning. Visit to view menus. 1. Decide who is hosting the rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, the groom’s parents took care of the rehearsal dinner because the bride’s parents paid for the big day. These days anything […]


Celebrate with Us ~ Poco Mas! 1st Anniversary

Join us in celebrating Poco Mas! 1st Anniversary Tequila & Tapas Tasting Dinner Thursday, April 21, 2016, at 7pm The Tequila & Tapas Dinner, a 5 course tasting with cocktails made with Roca Patron, for just $39.95 per person. Limited to 30 seats. >reserve now<   A Roca Patron representative will present the varieties of tequila […]


Cultural Exhibit – Oaxaca: Tu Mexico in Atlanta

This was a wonderful event – and we expect to plan similar events in the future.  Be sure to signup for our Amigos Club for updates!  There is a form below. Cultural Event at No Mas! Come and enjoy a feast for the senses, at the special cultural event, “Oaxaca, Tu Mexico in Atlanta”, Friday, […]


National Tequila Day

Celebrate National Tequila Day at No Mas! Tequila, by any other name… no, not quite.  In fact, in order for it to be called Tequila, it must be made in Tequila, Mexico.  The Agave, a succulent plant related to asparagus, is harvested for it’s “piña” core, which is roasted, pressed, the juices fermented, then aged […]

No Mas! trip - Fish on the beach in Mexico

Best Mexican Food-Fish on the Beach

Best Mexican Food-Fish on the Beach in Puerto Vallarta We were first introduced to Yolanda and Cuca by our friend Ricardo from Guadalajara in 2002. Our initial “gringo ” instinct was not to eat stuff from street taco stands or food being prepared on the beach ….like fish on a stick…. boy were we mistaken! […]

Camarones Alambres

Escape to Mexico at No Mas! Cantina

In a city rich with so-called Mexican restaurants, one stands out as a true diamond in the rough. No Mas! Cantina and Hacienda resides in the former Aristocrat Ice Cream Company in the up and coming, diverse Castleberry Hills district. Owners, Walt Bilinski and Steve MacNeil, envisioned bringing the best of Mexico to Atlanta through art, food, and fun. […]


Review: Mexican Food in Atlanta

Originally posted on NotForTourists Posted by: Deanna Jue Tuesday, April 17, 2007 Cars and even flatware (sporks) have hybrid options—and apparently Mexican restaurants come in hybrid models too. Castleberry Hill’s No Mas! Cantina not only will serve you a taco with rice but will sell you the chair from right from under your bum. No […]


Review: Eclectic Mexican Restaurant in Atlanta

Originally posted on NotForTourists By: Carla Kaiser Friday, May 04, 2007 No Mas Cantina is a very special Mexican-ish restaurant located in the heart of the artsy Castleberry Hill district, and it’s unlike any other restaurant I’ve ever been to. The owners also own a Mexican import business, so the menu includes the glassware, light […]


Construction of No Mas! Cantina

The reconstruction of our Butler building warehouse to become No Más! Hacienda took nearly a full year to complete. Originally, there was not a single window, and we also added the entire second level. The feel of the “Hacienda” was achieved by using architectural elements from our original business, No Más! Productions, Inc., We proudly […]