Tequila Tastings

The art of Tequila making may never have crossed your mind as a course for study, but take ninety minutes to have a “class” in this elixir and you will undoubtedly be happy to be learning the finer points of Tequila. Come be enlightened and entertained by our original Tequila Tastings in Atlanta at No Mas! Cantina in Castleberry Hill.


At No Mas! we have spent almost two decades discovering artisan crafted furnishings & accessories throughout the country of Mexico.  After opening our Cantina in 2006, we have continued on our quest to bring the unusually enjoyable art from Mexico to our clients in the USA. Widening our focus to include the culinary arts was just a logical avenue for our interests to have turned. We have had the good fortune of traveling and becoming familiar with the Mexican people, culture, and cuisine from shore to shore.

Our Hunt for the Best Tequilas

In preparation for our tastings, we traveled to the town of Tequila, Jalisco.  This is where Tequila gets its name and where it is grown, harvested, and distilled. Our time here was spent in the fields, learning how to care for the Agave, practicing the work of the jimador in the fields and discovering the secrets of producing healthy, strong plants. The Agaves are harvested for the center of the plant, called the “piña”.  This is the heart that will soon be roasted and pressed to release all of the plant’s juices. The distilling process begins in stainless steel stills and the finished tequila is moved to oak barrels for aging.


What to Expect at Your Tequila Tasting

…you will be guided through a tasting of seven fine Tequilas and small plates that complement the flavors of the Tequila…

The class starts out with an introduction to Tequila in the form of our own “Santos Classic” Margarita, fresh corn chips, home made salsa, and hot queso cheese dip. Next, you will be guided through a tasting of six fine Tequilas and small plates that complement the flavors of the Tequila. Finally, you will learn how to make our Santos Classic Margarita, be presented with four Artisan Chocolate Truffles made in our ADios Café, and receive a special discount card for that day’s shopping in our No Mas! Hacienda Showroom.

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